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How do you Celebrate Halloween?

By Jallyn Shepherd  -  October 27th, 2015

Halloween is a great time to go out with friends and loved ones, share some cider and carve a pumpkin. We love bringing out our festive side here at Valley Pacific Floral! The way I see it there are a few different ways to celebrate Halloween, each style will be represented by a flower;

1. The spider mum and curly willow: They love a good scare, whether they are doing the scaring or experiencing it firsthand, they embrace it. They spend their time in haunted places or watching very scary movies. Their costumes are elaborate and very festive.

2. The sunflower. In this version of Halloween merriment the extent of the scary movies are Disney's Halloweentown or Hocus Pocus. They generally also have elaborate costumes emulating heroes. It is not uncommon for groups of these kid friendly celebrators to have a theme throughout their costumes.

3. The Gerbera Daisy. These people don't love Halloween but they sure do love fall! They are gracious enough to give candy to trick-or-treating children. They may even have a pumpkin or a gourd on their porch, for the love of fall of course! They tend to spend the evening at home enjoying everything there is to love about fall.

4. The hypericum berry. This person spends the whole month of October deciding what costume they will wear and what they will do with their Halloween evening. They usually end up throwing something haphazardly together that had nothing to do with the original ideas debated upon. Though it might take a little coaxing, they will join in the festivities and before the night is over they will be the life of the party.

No matter who you are or how you celebrate this spooky holiday we have a Halloween arrangement that will match not only your decor but also your celebrating style.

Jallyn Shepherd

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