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August Dahlias

By Jallyn Shepherd  -  August 18th, 2015



August is a great month for many reasons; first, I was born this month! Secondly August is the month to celebrate the dahlia. What better way to celebrate than to head to Canby, Oregon as they host their annual dahlia festival, with over 40 acres of fresh dahlias you know you are in for a real treat. We love to honor the dahlia in our way here at Valley Pacific Floral. Our local cutting garden featuring dahlias and other northwest flowers, combined with the expertise of our designers, we create exquisite arrangements that accentuate the natural beauty of each flower.

If you want to have your own successful dahlia garden here are a couple of tips; dahlias are generally sturdy enough to survive the winter in the ground if you mulch them well. However, if you have a dahlia you are particularly fond of, you might consider digging it up and storing it in perlite or sawdust in a covered area, such as the garage, to ensure it will live another year. You can also stake the dahlia plant so that it grows up tall and proud.

Happy Gardening!

Jallyn Shepherd

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