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Flower Symbolism

By Jallyn Shepherd  -  July 1st, 2015

I have always admired flowers from afar, my whole life I thought they were beautiful and worthwhile. Not long ago I started working at Valley Pacific Floral Inc. Each day I gave the opportunity to work up close with the finest and most beautiful flowers. My first challenge, being new to the flower industry, was to get to know the flowers and all their names. Upon studying and spending time in the flower shop I found that I really enjoy being around flowers for more than just the pleasant smell and exquisite styles. Flowers have a depth of meaning, for me, personally, flowers bring joy no matter the occasion. However, I learned that most flowers carry far more on their petals than simply “joy” they have different meaning and symbolism. I’d like to introduce to you, three of my new found flower friends;

Lily- She is a flower of refined beauty, she represents purity. When the lily blooms it reminds me of in the morning time, when you first wake up and you have a good stretch. It’s as if all the petals are reaching out as far as they can, stretching to take in the world. Her refined beauty is evident in the way she commands attention, you can’t help but look at a lily in full bloom because the lily is very intricate and charming.


Delphinium- This bold beauty represents fun. The vibrant colors of the delphinium blossoms make me feel excited. There is a mystery in the deep blues and purples of these summer garden giants. A mystery that to me says adventure!

Sweet William- He is a symbol of gallantry and finesse. Sweet William is a special flower because it is one associated with masculinity. The blooms remind me of a cluster of soldiers, sticking together, protecting each other and each fighting for a cause. That cause is bringing a smile to the face of the recipient. Sweet Williams are each individual in their colors and patterns which make them unique.



Located in the lush Willamette Valley, we are blessed with the proper weather conditions that make it possible to harvest many of our own flowers. Our cutting garden is here in Woodburn, Oregon. A local garden in our own backyard provides us with the freshest and finest flowers to work with all season long. 

Jallyn Shepherd

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